Grease Trap Repair & Maintenance Services

sydney water grease trap

Not every plumber enjoys doing plumbing. Particularly in Sydney, where many Sydney water grease traps are old and located in challenging conditions. Consequently, one could say that it is more of an acquired taste. It takes a lot of work and isn’t always enjoyable. Nevertheless, we specialize in grease trap plumbing, and we truly like it.

In Sydney, we have put grease traps in a wide variety of settings, including one that was three stories above the kitchen of a Thai restaurant and others that were placed beneath the front door of a pizza business. Other grease trap installations in Sydney have taken place in courtyards, a collection of stories, and above-ground pipes. Grease traps come in the type that is situated behind cafes, restaurants, bakeries, or butchers, connect to the drain from above ground, and include a grease trap pumps that pumps cooking drainage water up to the entrance of the grease trap container. These typically range in size from 1000 to 1500 liters. Sydney water Grease trap installation services. Whatever the cause, we offer.

  • Sydney Tank damage or collapse, or leakage notice. We can assist.
  • Repair Grease trap containers or pools that are harmed or collapsed
  • Grease traps that may be too small or no longer comply with Sydney Water Requirements should be replaced.
  • Installation of new grease traps for new businesses
  • Installing corrective grease traps or responding to notices to repair Sydney Water pit pumps or grease trap pumps station failures
  • Repairs or Replacements of Grease Trap Pumps

Why choose us for Grease Trap Cleaning

A clogged internal grease trap can send waste water and debris from the kitchen back into the main kitchen. Because there is no route out, the clog can also allow soiled vapors from the oil and grease to enter the kitchen. Additionally, the grease trap obstruction may prevent water from draining from the panels. The lack of adequate rodding to force the debris within the main lines is the cause of the clogged grease trap in the kitchen. Regular maintenance is required to make sure that not too much grease and oil have built up in the grease trap in commercial kitchens. As inefficient grease trap cleaning may result in excessive oil buildup in the lines, this can lead to major obstruction to the efficient kitchen flow. Professional grease trap cleaning for commercial kitchens is offered by our company. We offer qualified assistance and utilize high-end equipment and cutting-edge technology to maintain our grease trap pumps and grease trap cleaning.

Cost of cleaning a grease trap

The grease trap cleaning cost or repair cost is largely dependent on a number of variables, including the size of the tank, the severity of the blockage (which may be caused by grease, sludge, sand, or debris), and other important aspects. You can reach us by calling. We may provide a grease trap cleaning cost after learning the kind and severity. However, we are unquestionably the most cost-effective and effective service provider in the area.

Writen by Kirk Stiffler